Q: How far can the Tx3 transmit?

A: The Tx3 can transmit up to 18 meters (about 60 feet). Sometimes your Tx3 can transmit farther under certain conditions.

Q: Will I get noise and interference from radio stations that have the same or similar frequencies that the Tx3 transmit on?
A: No. Your Tx3 is designed to "Jam" out all radio frequencies in a 3 meter range. You may get interference from electric fans or other electromagnetic devices. Turn these devices off when using Tx3.

Q: How long do the batteries last on the Tx3?
A: Our tests show that the Tx3 can last over 15 hours of continuous use.

Q: Can my friends and I all jam through one radio?
A: Yes. You can daisy chain your Tx3 units together, have independent control over each unit, and transmit through one unit to one radio.

Q: What if my friends and I all have our own radios. Can we still jam together without the signals getting mixed up?
A: You can use up to five separate radios in the same jam session without cross interference from your Tx3 units.

Q: Can I use my Tx3 onstage with my regular guitar amp?
A: Yes. Your Tx3 is a fully functional digital effects devise. Plug it into any amplifier for fantastic effects that you control and preset. You can also plug your guitar into the Tx3 and go from the direct output to the input of the PA system. Use your Tx3 as a pre-amp on your acoustic instrument for added boost in volume, EQ control and effects.

Q: I'd like to use the Tx3 on my home recording set up. Is it suitable for direct recording too?
A: Yes. Because it has state of the art digital processing, your guitar effects will record directly into your computer or recording device just like any other signal processing unit.

Q: What if I don't like my Tx3 and want to return it?
A: FM Jam has a 100% money back guarantee on all its products. Send your unit back within 90 days of purchase for full cash return.

Q Can I play my Bass through the radio with the Tx3?
A: You can play any electric instrument through the radio using the Tx3. Those with mid and higher frequencies sound best (guitar, mandolin and violin) but you can play bass with the Tx3 as well. The bigger and better your stereo, the better it will sound.